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Whacking Day vs. Lisa the Greek
Whacking Day 71%  71%  [ 5 ]
Lisa the Greek 29%  29%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 7
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 Post subject: Whacking Day vs. Lisa the Greek
PostPosted: Thu July 14, 2016 9:33 pm 
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Whacking Day
During an inspection by Superintendent Chalmers, Principal Skinner lures Bart, Jimbo, Kearney, Dolph and Nelson into a utility basement with the promise of free mountain bikes and locks the door. Bart escapes through a ventilation shaft and takes Groundskeeper Willie's tractor for a joyride, crashing into Chalmers. Rather than giving him detention, Skinner instead expels Bart. After Bart is quickly expelled from a new private Christian school, Marge decides to homeschool Bart.

Meanwhile, Kent Brockman announces that Springfield's annual "Whacking Day" is approaching. Each year on May 10, the people of Springfield drive snakes to the center of town and beat them to death. The tradition appalls Lisa, who finds no support from any of the adults of the town, including Reverend Lovejoy who lies about Whacking Day being supported by the Bible. Barry White arrives to begin the festivities, but is disgusted and quickly leaves when he discovers what the holiday is about.

After Marge takes Bart on a fieldtrip to Fort Springfield, Bart discovers that the origins of Whacking Day, which supposedly involved Jebediah Springfield, is a lie because it conflicts with a major Revolutionary War battle he took part in, and suggests to Lisa that they lure the snakes to safety by playing music with a lot of bass and putting the stereo speakers to the ground. White, who just happens to have been walking by, agrees to help by singing "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe", attracting hundreds of snakes into the house.

The pursuing crowd arrives, but they are soon turned around on the subject of Whacking Day by Bart's newfound knowledge. It turns out that the day was actually invented in 1924 as an excuse to beat up the Irish. Skinner is impressed with Bart's efforts and welcomes him back to the school, but then realizes in horror that the bullies are still in the utility basement. While the bullies are spending the time talking about their feelings, Skinner and Willie race to the school with the mountain bikes to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Lisa the Greek
Lisa complains to Marge that Homer never pays any attention to her or gets involved with her interests. Marge suggests that Lisa take an interest in something her father does, so she decides to join Homer on the couch while he is watching football on television. After being ripped off by betting advice hotlines, a desperate Homer turns to Lisa to pick a winner. She picks the Miami Dolphins, prompting Homer to call Moe's Tavern to place his $50 bet. In the end, the Dolphins win, and Homer and Lisa celebrate.

Meanwhile, Marge suggests that she and Bart have a Mother-Son day shopping for new clothes since Lisa is spending time with Homer. Bart claims he doesn't need new clothing, but it's seriously undermined when she sees how damaged his clothes are. At the mall, Marge's excessive mothering embarrasses him more when she buys clothes from the clearance rack and ignoring his disgust by making him try out the clothes she picked for him. Bart remains hiding in the car, while the bullies taunt him to come out and Marge takes no notice of it, believing the bullies to be his friends.

Lisa becomes adept at choosing winners of football games, and Homer declares every Sunday during football season Daddy-Daughter Day. Lisa remains perfect in her picks for eight weeks, earning her father more and more money as the Super Bowl approaches. With his new money, Homer starts buying expensive presents for the family and treating them to fine dining. When Lisa asks Homer if they can go hiking the Sunday following the Super Bowl, he tells her that he is instead going bowling with Barney and that Daddy-Daughter Days are over until next football season. Lisa realizes that all Homer really wanted was to exploit her prognostic abilities to help him gamble. She dreams that she grows up to become a chain-smoking, thrice-divorced, casino-hopper. Completely heartbroken, Lisa gives away all the toys Homer bought for her. At night, Marge berates Homer for using Lisa's gift for his own purposes.

Homer realizes he needs to make amends with Lisa, but she is too hurt to even talk with him. Homer briefly cheers her up by inviting her to watch the Super Bowl together, but shows that he still only wants to win a bet. Heartbroken, she agrees to tell Homer who she thinks the winner will be, but she fears that she may be so distraught that she subconsciously wants Homer to lose his bet, leading her to a cryptic prediction: if she still loves Homer, Washington will win; if she does not, Buffalo. Homer bets with Washington, while the others go with Buffalo. As a nervous Homer watches the game at Moe's Tavern, Washington scores at the last second to win the game. Homer becomes happy at this blessing and Bart tells Lisa that she still loves Homer, with which she agrees. Homer cancels his bowling date with Barney and—on the Sunday after the Super Bowl—makes good on his promise to go hiking with Lisa despite not being in good shape.

So many tournaments, so little time

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