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ISO: "Pro cuts and rare clips" BD50 and a couple more DVD's

Thu October 03, 2019 3:10 pm


Lately, I'm trying to sort my completely unsorted collection of PJ and other artists too...

In the process, I'm trying to get new recordings by downloading show I don't have and upgrading other shows I already have

So, I'd like to kindly ask you for a trade of three recordings (2 DVD and 1 BD)

I'd prefer an upload on TTD or similar site, but I can do some B&P if needed (Europe preferred), as I doubt I could have something you don't have

These are the shows:

- 1992/02/07 Stockholm (Animal Projects Version) I have this recording as an MPG file for the really old project "The Video Mission", so I'd like to upgrade it to DVD

- 1992/02/27 Bradford (Animal Projects / Blink Eye Version)

- Pro Cuts And Rare Clips (1991-1994)

Thanks a lot in advance
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