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 Post subject: Re: Rank or Discuss your pre/post-show overall experiences
PostPosted: Sat February 15, 2020 8:11 pm 
A Return To Form
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pre show : st.john's newfoundland around noon day of night 1, im sitting in a window seat at the k-cafe, with a few ppl i met in halifax listenin to soundcheck, i just got my order and i look accross the street, and there's stone, a female (maybe kerensa?) and that classic grey haired manager dude, not only do i see them, they cross the street and enter the dinner and sit a few tables away, we leave em be for awhile, let em order, i decided to go over before the food, arrives, im a bumbling mess, im surprised when she says she's heard of prince edward island, before i leave em be i look at stone and say "you should sing one tonight" later that night they bust out dont gimme no lip,

as im walking out, mike and jeff are crossing the street coming for breakfast, bubbling mess again, snap a few pics that are on my fridge today

i go to venue on same block to get my tickets, and when im walking out the touring van guys are pulling up and filming, i walk up state my name and place of residence and spill the beans that half the band are like a block away (im in dvd doin this but that section isnt on youtube)

night 2 newfoundland, i bump into stone in hotel lobby, but dont bother him much, i just tap my 10C enveloppe on his shoulder and say thanks man and keep walking

pre-show halifax : listening to soundcheck by loading doors, meeting the friends id be with at the k-cafe, the local security guy kept opening the door to let us hear and even pop out random stage props for us to see, like the mannequin head with the pantyhose on its head

pre-show toronto 2006 : night 2 get downtown early and have a hearty meal with friend met in halifax, night 1 struggle & fumble to find way to venue

post show montreal 2003 : my first show, im spent from singing screaming jumping moshin? i head straight to the soundboard and chat it up with dude in red sox cap (i later recognize in live at garden dvd extras) he shows me setlists and ask if i want em

post show newfoundland 1 : walking around george street with allllll the bars, bumpin into very drunk touring van guys

post show toronto 2 2006
riding subway to etibicoke where we were stayin, seeing all the super happy really really really drunk pj fans on the subway was enjoyable for a guy from a small town with no transit

post show toronto 1 2006
getting lost tryin to find way to subway and meeting most of my morning jacket by the tour buses

post show st.john's 2 : a lot of fans didnt bother getting a room that night due to early ass flight to halifax (5am i think?) so a alot of us just bar hop from one to the next before hitting the airport

 Post subject: Re: Rank or Discuss your pre/post-show overall experiences
PostPosted: Sat February 15, 2020 11:37 pm 
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Not as great as you think

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E.H. Ruddock wrote:
Bammer wrote:
With all the lurkers in town I’d like to fire this thread back up again

Are we gonna create another pre-show memory in San Diego, bammer?

Turns out we can catch Coronavirus together in SD. 2 confirmed cases.

If you’re reading this, you are an RMer in the year 2021 and you have some life decisions to make.

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