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 Post subject: Re: McCready's new band / tried to work with Cobain
PostPosted: Sun July 14, 2013 2:37 am 
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VinylGuy wrote:
Strat wrote:
So it was after the 2nd show opening for Petty in St. Paul. I was at my desk around - oh, noon, or so- when the phone rang. This was still in the time of cell phones so I was able to see that it was my good friend Kevin, calling in to say hello. Maybe talk about the prior nights show? He went with his wife (boo urns) and was at the back of the arena. This was the same kid that traveled with me too many a PJ shows but now gets dragged (willingly i imagine) to Ketih Urban and Zach Brown band shows with his wife.

I digress

So, I answers and says "hello, kevin!". He starts mumbling and rambling about something. I pick up, minneapolis, CHipotle and Mccready. Cool. He pulls it together long enough to tell me he sees Mike McCready just walking down the street outside Chipotle. Now, Chipotle, is our favorite place and Kevinw as heading there for his lunch break. I can't say for certain what McCready was doing in the area, other than I know he did a few stints in Rehab in MPLS and had music friends there etc...

So I says to kevin "well, why are you telling me this go say hi! Sounds as though he takes off and I hear "Mike, mike...." Then the phone goes dead.

Good for kevin! He had also once ran into Tommy Lee at Caribou in Minneapolis. 3 minutes later i get another call from Kevin. I answer and lo and behold who is on the other line? Mike McCready.

"hey, brian? This is mike from Pearl Jam"

yea, i know who you are.

So, I take off out of the office to go to a place where if I geek out - My co workers wont mock me. - and have a conversation with the guy who forced me to pick up a guitar and become the obsessed music fan I am. Boom.

Just spoke with him about the shows the night before, rambled on about how many times ive seen them, told him he's the reason i picked up the guitar etc...

He had guitar troubles during Marker in the sand the night before and had appeared to be pretty pissed off. He talked a bit about that how embarrassing it was because he's opening up for one of his heroes and his shit stops working. Funny to hear that come from someone who'm I look up to the same way. In the end though, he is a fan of music too and im sure its pretty exciting/nerve wracking to play such shows. I told him it looked like he was going to smash it and if he would ever think of doing that he should hand it to me cause I would take care of it. He laughed and said he would never think of hurting his baby. I believe it was his strat.....

So yea. Long goodbye and loves you and hugs and kisses and off he went.

Anyways, just thought it was pretty fucking cool for him to just give me a call. He spoke with my buddy a bit as well...

Mike is awesome.

St Paul 2 is one of my favorite boots from that tour. Life Wasted is incredible.

Yea that is a performance that stick out in my head. It was pretty incredible to see and hear in person and it translates pretty well to the boot. After that me and my buddy looked at eachother and didnt say a word but it was understood the badassery that just occurred.

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