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You Never Forget Your First Time: Binaural
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Author:  stip [ Fri December 28, 2012 4:10 pm ]
Post subject:  You Never Forget Your First Time: Binaural

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Author:  stip [ Fri December 28, 2012 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: You Never Forget Your First Time: Binaural

I LOVED Binarual when it first came out, although looking back I think I was forcing myself a little bit

I knew NAIS (cool atmospheric song but not one of my favorites) and Insignificance (from the single). Insignificance took some time to grow on me but I soon came to love it. And Grievance from Letterman fucking blew me away. Possibly the best on tv performance of theirs I had seen up to that point. For a good three years Insignificance and Grievance were my two favorites on the record

I really liked how breakerfall blew the album open (I still don't understand why it doesn't get more love than it does), god's dice and evacuation were okay. I was more into them then than I am today just due to the newness of them. I think I've always had the same thoughts about Light Years from the first listen. A pretty song that fails to be as beautiful as it wanted to be

Amazingly I liked thin air a lot when it first came out until I could no longer take the lyrics

Of the girl did very little for me then and still does very little for me today.

Rival was cool, and has grown on me over the years

Sleight of Hand was impressive, but difficult, as it still is

Soon Forget was funny and amusing at first. Today it is pretty trite

Parting Ways was a bit disappointing at first since it felt (musically) like a Long Road clone

But this was an extremely solid album on the first listen that I absolutely loved. few stand out tracks but a very compelling piece as a whole. Tragically I am less appreciative of it today. My love of parting ways and Rival have grown, but I am into pretty much every other song on the record less now than I was when it first came out :(

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