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 Post subject: What Do I Do?
PostPosted: Tue January 03, 2023 3:38 pm 
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The Encounter

An Encounter happens whenever the Doom Counter trips off. It is a game of hedging your bets and bluffing. The table will set goals and then narrate the conflict around trying to reach those goals, uncertain up until the last whether or not they'll get what they want.

The only guarantee that you will get what you want is by swift and bold action.

Setting Goals

All relevant parties (aka the people with genuine stakes in the situation) name their goals. The goals should not contradict. The players name their goals before the GM. The GM may never make a goal more severe than what the players have declared, ever.

Characters may group together instead of setting their own goals. If they do this they must name their leader by whomever the Caller thinks has the greatest personal stakes. Each character in a group grants +1 to the Stat of the leader.

Setting the NPC's Stat

Any number of players may spend any amount of Stat points they wish to reduce the public Stat of an NPC opposition. They may spend as many points as they wish, narrating how they are making their opponents' life harder. For more than a few of the types of enemies the Stat may be too high to fail. Players should keep this in mind.

Setting the Leader's Stat

Based upon the goals set, the GM then sets the type of stat each rolling participant must use. The Caller may argue the case, but no dogpiling on the GM! This Stat must be then publicly made known: everyone has to know what the relevant Stat's value is, and everyone must verbally confirm that they understand.

The Ante Die

• The person with publicly lowest Stat (read:without revealing the secret die)Narrate an action, and then pick a die, called the Ante Die.

• The chain is d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30.

• It is advised that you started on the lower end.

• The next person narrates their action, and picks an Ante Die, but it must be higher than the previous Ante Die.

• Once per encounter a player may reset their Ante Die to d2, if their class description is relevant.

• Everyone does this process, even the people who are not the roller. They increase the Ante Die for their team.

The Reckoning

• Eventually someone is going to say "No" and refuse to ante anymore.

• Everyone rolls their Ante Die, with the highest rollers going first, and then to the next highest Ante, and so on.

o The leader may add or subtract the value of an applicable Background or Exploit to his roll.

o Other players who helped the leader may add or subtract one from the roll.

• A party who rolls above their Stat fails.

• A party who rolls below their Stat succeeds.

• A party who rolls equal to their Stat critically succeeds.

Critical Hit

• If someone rolls exactly their Stat it's a critical hit.

• Members of that party fully regenerate a Stat of their choosing.

• Groups who all roll criticals always get their Goal.

o The GM must sort out how the Goals are all accomplished at the same time.


• All remaining involved parties compare their non-failed rolls.

o Whoever rolls higher gets their goal.

o Parties who get lower rolls while not failing get their goals.

 The highest roller decides how it all fits together.

• All party leaders then have their Stats damaged by the result of their Ante die.

o If the leader does not die he gets a Condition, see page XX.

• All characters not the leader regenerate a Stat by half its full value.


• If a leader does not get his goal all his party takes damage to the chosen stat equal to the margin of failure.

• The party each gains a Condition with the margin of failure notated adjacent.

Moving On

• The Doom Counter resets to zero.

• Play proceeds with the Movement that had not been previously chosen.

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 Post subject: Re: What Do I Do?
PostPosted: Tue January 03, 2023 7:57 pm 
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