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 Post subject: Random thoughts on fish and race.
PostPosted: Thu January 21, 2021 6:44 pm 
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Hey, do you remember that all black bar, Tuxedo Lounge, the one Roland used to go to when he was drunk off his ass to hit on black women? John and I were talking yesterday and he encourage me to give Roland a 20 years past due reality check. If you have the robotic female voice to text option on your phone, give it a listen. We have to appreciate the abundance of humor we can glean from our wonderful childhood.

Boo, ask Roland if he remembers Shaniqua. There's an internet club full of Black folk who used to go to Tuxedo Lounge . She said she remembers Roland clear as day but not in a good way. She said, "who could forget that smell?!" She said, "I don't know what he did for a livin' but that catfish stink bait cologne he wore was all sorts of gross!" and said "there ain't no makin' that stench sexy!" She said "he's better off leavin' his pasty white ass at home smellin like that". Then said, "A cracker can't come up in here smellin' like a fish apocalypse and expect a sister to take interest- that's a disgrace!" She said, "a lady spends 30 bucks a week on douche tryin' to flush out fish odor and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some dimestore fish peddler from the country rub up on me". She then went on to say, "I know he's the type who could be 90 and thinkin' every 20 somethin' shorty killin' it in heels looks at him like he's some kinda Elvis, but sometime or another before his mummification starts he's gonna have to accept the fact that he simply ain't got it, never had it and ain't never gonna get it! You tell his grimy, bumblebee, starkist ass I ain't no chicken of the sea and he ain't gettin' any a me!"

You tell Roland I said she made a pretty strong case and that I'll add to it by sayin', you sit your Puff Daddy Combs wanna be havin a black chick on your arm ass down and let a real gold chain wearin' playa stand up!

- plaidprince was here

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